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The moon is drifting away from us

Image description: Four panels of comics drawn by illustrator Hasanthika Serensina, from an article in Electric Lit called What It’s Like to Lose Your First Language. The caption above the first two panels wrote: “Scientists say there is a process to how you lose a language. It’s called language attrition.” The first panel contains: A part […]

To be chopped up in peace

This week’s illustration by the ever brilliant Bangalore-based Sonaksha Iyengar, whose work revolves around the ideas of self care, body image, gender, feminism, social justice, community care, and inclusion. Hire her for your illustration needs! This week I am thinking of the trust I am bestowed to be allowed in one of the many opportunities where I get […]

Regarding the pain of others

It was a full hospital trip day yesterday, as my mother had a health scare and was admitted for the day. The day before, I received yet another rejection from a company who initially wanted to consider my remote role, but then decided they “need to move fast” and unless I reconsider to relocate, then […]

No grab-bag candy game

Feeling this article especially while currently job hunting in the midst of the pandemic, with a dash of the rise of neoliberalism where your every worth is commodified:  Where does ambition go when jobs disappear and the things you’ve been striving for barely even exist anymore? And what if the things for which you’ve been striving no […]

Turn down the volume a little

A friend who was transitioning into a new position at work asked me the other day if I have ever thought about my working style, which I definitely do. For some reasons — of which I’d like to believe I am always a driven person and have a great amount of self-discipline — I always […]