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Poets, visionaries, mothers of Grendels

Artist Paolo Cirio published photos of 4,000 faces of French police officers online for an exhibit called “Capture,” which he described as the first step in developing a facial recognition app. He collected the faces from 1,000 photos he had gathered from the internet and from photographers who attended protests in France. Cirio, 41, took the photos […]

Words have power

I think it was during my tenure in a corporate company that I was first introduced to this phrase just as potent as how it sounds, “words have power.” It was when a manager was giving snide remarks to a couple of young executives in a meeting, to which another manager called her out in […]

Happy I didn’t sneeze

(This is only a series of things that happened and what I have observed and read since the last time I wrote. No further commentary and analysis.) A dear friend passed away peacefully in his sleep today. It’s my parents’ 39th anniversary today. Yesterday, literary critic, teacher, poet, and scholar of nineteenth- and twentieth-century American […]

When this is all over

A few days ago, WITI sent out an edition about how language impacts understanding. There were a few paragraphs where the contributor, Lizzie Shupak, talks about how people use language way before the written words were invented. As someone who is almost obsessive with documenting everything in writing, I am very intrigued as to how […]

Question your models of the universe

Urban Tetris, by graphic designer Mariyan Atanasov I first read Maria Popova’s Brain Pickings back in 2006 when it first started, as someone newly adjusting to a working life in a fast-paced corporate world and was in a need of some beautiful, inspiring writing on life and whatnot. Thirteen years later today, it is still […]

Because Internet

I am currently enjoying my current read, Gretchen McCulloch’s Because Internet, a delightful and compelling account of how our media landscape, with a focus on the Internet corpus — of course, given the eponymous title — changes how we communicate with each other. It answers one of the most puzzling question I have had this […]

Eats, shoots and leaves

Quartz Obsession today speaks about the hill I would gladly die on: Oxford comma. In the master stylesheet where I list down grammatical technicalities to check as I edit documents, along with ‘replace dashes with em dashes wherever possible’ is to ‘check for the possibility of Oxford comma’. Turns out, I am not alone — […]