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Never the great leveller

About last month before the schools and offices were reopened in Malaysia, I set up a video call for my mother as one of her weekly rituals to talk to her grandnieces. Only about 10 minutes in the video call, Aufa, 7 years old, decided to throw tantrum and wailed to her mother, who was […]

What, from the quarantine, do you want to retain?

As the cities have started to reopen, I have been thinking about the activities, the habits, and the values I want to retain from the quarantine. Strangely I am not at all overjoyed at the prospect of being able to go to visit friends again or reading at the cafe or going to work within […]

Panic! in the supermarket aisle

Niki de Saint Phalle, Photo de la Hon repeinte, 1979 One of my first corona vivid dreams involved finding myself in a crowded supermarket where almost no one wore masks and none had regards for the practice of social distancing. In the dream, I realised I had been asking myself, “This felt like a dream. Or […]

The Earth vibrated less

In cities, the effect of billions of humans at standstill has become evident in the Earth’s crust. Movements from everyday human activity create countless tiny vibrations in the ground. Seismometers close to or inside urban areas have registered reductions in movement. (I want you to read this all the way before continuing with my post.) A few […]

On affordances

Tape as pandemic cultural element Lately I have been thinking about the concept of affordances when I came across posts such as above and the many ways people use other things to function as face masks. As I am writing this, words appear on my computer monitor that was propped on top of three of my childhood hardcover […]

So now we wait

good morning to all who yearn I am currently reading Valeria Luiselli’s Lost Children Archive, a travelogue where a couple and their two children (the daughter hers, the boy his, “the us, the them, the our, the your — as soon as we started living together, when the boy was almost six and the girl still […]

Cordial man

The other day, Jason Kottke in his long-standing (specifically, for about 15 years now) blog asked people to share what they’ve been up to during the pandemic and how their families and communities are coping. He decided to share the overwhelming responses he received from all over the world within one page — which also reminded me that […]

Ain’t no sunshine

As we are battling a crisis unprecedented in our times, 2020 — who really does not come to play — decided that it is also the year it was going to take Bill Withers away from us. I admitted I cried when I heard the news. I remember my dad, my person, who was a […]

The Forster room

The Soviet control room (Picture credit) After I was turned away at the hypermarket in a manner that is quite rude and distasteful in my opinion, I turned to Shopee, a Singaporean e-commerce portal which sells all sorts of things — from electrical appliances to everyday things and groceries — and gets these things delivered […]