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Poets, visionaries, mothers of Grendels

Artist Paolo Cirio published photos of 4,000 faces of French police officers online for an exhibit called “Capture,” which he described as the first step in developing a facial recognition app. He collected the faces from 1,000 photos he had gathered from the internet and from photographers who attended protests in France. Cirio, 41, took the photos […]

We cast a shadow

(Announcement: I started a Substack! The content, while pretty much similar to the blog, is more polished since, well, there are audiences. The pressure hit me the moment I sent out my first edition and realised I have to commit to sending this out x times y month/week and that there are people, most of […]

Brave wild failure

I am currently reading S.A Chakraborty’s The City of Brass — of which I am so excited for — because it has all the ingredients I loved in a novel (djinns! Middle Eastern folklore! Female protagonist! Cairo! Politics!) It tells the story of Nahri, an orphan and a con, who never knew her origins and family, who […]

No such thing as neutrality

There has never been Palestine on Google Maps. I had been reading Ibram X. Kendi’s How To Be An Antiracist over the weekend and was struck at how much of his central argument — that there is no such thing as neutrality — should always be one of the tenets and cautionary tales when dealing with technology. […]

How embarrassing it is to be cruel

As a fan of commonplace books, this particular edition of Book Post on Sei Shonagon’s Pillow Book caught my attention. According to the post, Shonagon was a Japanese writer living between tenth to eleventh centuries who served the empress entourage in Kyoto. She got encouraged to write after given a sheaf of a very precious paper to use, and from […]

All good things must begin

When I started this blog, it was intended for me to dispel the metaphorical wall that had materialised in the midst of my thesis writing journey. It felt kind of counterintuitive to attempt to overcome writer’s block by creating another writing project, but I wanted a space for me to write freely without the constraint that was […]

Speaking into existence

It’s a long day today, but which fortunately (?) also meant a day filled with work-related stuff. I haven’t got the time to sit and write my thoughts down properly today, but in the event of Octavia Butler’s belated birthday I am reminded of this page in her notebook — her very own practice of […]

Commonplace blog

I was today years old when I was introduced to the term ‘commonplace book‘, a concept I actually had been familiar with ever since I started journalling actively since 2009. I did not keep a journal the way a journal should be — if there was ever one accurate way to keep journals — in […]

To be fundamentally more invested in finding nourishment

Carolyn Lazard, CRIP TIME, 2018 Artist-provided visual description: A one-take video shot from an overhead view over the surface of a table. On an embroidered tablecloth is a 7-day weekly pill organizer separated into daily compartments. The labels on the organizer have been partially worn off through repeated use. A set of brown hands with gold […]

So now we wait

good morning to all who yearn I am currently reading Valeria Luiselli’s Lost Children Archive, a travelogue where a couple and their two children (the daughter hers, the boy his, “the us, the them, the our, the your — as soon as we started living together, when the boy was almost six and the girl still […]