Hi, my name is Zana.

I’m all about using my unearned privilege and earned knowledge to create and participate in processes that empower the communities they serve through a combination of values, practices, sites, and narratives — a goal guided by this movement called Design Justice. I’m also a newly minted PhD, where my research interest revolves around the social implications of technology — mainly social media — in politics. 

Two Kinds of Intelligence is a space for me to write at least 300 words a day about anything that caught my fancy — usually on books & articles I have read, documentaries I have watched, thoughts on everyday design, mental models and productivity, and some short observations during my doctoral research journey. The name of the blog — as most of you might know — alludes to Rumi’s eponymous poem, which is one of my most favourites.

I am excited to collaborate with organisations and individuals who are committed to leverage technology to create products & processes to make the world a better place. If you are in pursuit of someone with an industry background in design, writing, research, and a social sciences academic perspective to add more value to your team as a researcher / writer / project manager / rapporteur / any roles on strategically figuring things out — hire me!