Month: November 2020

Prayer against the surveillance state

The colourful ceilings of Mumbai’s taxis, from @thegreaterbombay. Image description: A diptych showing two pictures side by side. The first picture shows the ceiling inside a taxi, in colourful floral pattern with black background covering 1/3 of the whole frame. Visible also is the partial face of a woman in scarf, who also looks down at […]

The energy to resist, the energy for joy

Diwali celebrations on the streets of Southall, London, 1984. (via @brownhistory in Instagram) There are two things that I was not quite prepared for post-PhD, and those are 1) how quickly you were expected to get to work, and 2) there really is never an end to the imposter syndrome (but if you are never […]

What is one boring fact about yourself?

Some days (weeks!) are like this. Things I have failed to write this week: A review of Simone Browne’s super brilliant book on surveillance studies in relation to blackness, Dark Matters. Some progress on the module on care, remote work, Covid-19, and beyond, that I am currently working on with an equally brilliant friend. Some half-baked […]

Poets, visionaries, mothers of Grendels

Artist Paolo Cirio published photos of 4,000 faces of French police officers online for an exhibit called “Capture,” which he described as the first step in developing a facial recognition app. He collected the faces from 1,000 photos he had gathered from the internet and from photographers who attended protests in France. Cirio, 41, took the photos […]