Month: August 2020

August 2020

Every day I take a 1-second video using the app 1 Second Everyday to record what’s happening in my life. This is for August 2020, where I had the opportunity to work within some feminist spaces and learned how to work with care and safety, a notion I have always wanted to be involved with […]

Mentally I am here

“Everything that you fought for was not for yourself, it was for those who came after you.” — Howard University alumnus Chadwick Boseman provided words of inspiration to the Class of 2018 during Howard University’s 150th Commencement Ceremony on Saturday, May 12 in Washington, D.C. If you have survived grief before, you would understand there […]

The moon is drifting away from us

Image description: Four panels of comics drawn by illustrator Hasanthika Serensina, from an article in Electric Lit called What It’s Like to Lose Your First Language. The caption above the first two panels wrote: “Scientists say there is a process to how you lose a language. It’s called language attrition.” The first panel contains: A part […]

To be chopped up in peace

This week’s illustration by the ever brilliant Bangalore-based Sonaksha Iyengar, whose work revolves around the ideas of self care, body image, gender, feminism, social justice, community care, and inclusion. Hire her for your illustration needs! This week I am thinking of the trust I am bestowed to be allowed in one of the many opportunities where I get […]

We cast a shadow

(Announcement: I started a Substack! The content, while pretty much similar to the blog, is more polished since, well, there are audiences. The pressure hit me the moment I sent out my first edition and realised I have to commit to sending this out x times y month/week and that there are people, most of […]

The lull of the anthropause

As an Internet Elderly™ who had been spending my time online since I was 15 — that has been aeons ago — I am equally baffled and fascinated by the phenomenon that is TikTok. It’s social, it’s political (to the point it is nearly banned in America) — two criteria that should have immediately made me […]