Month: June 2020

June 2020

Every day I take a 1-second video using the app 1 Second Everyday to record what’s happening in my life. This is for June 2020, where I submitted the final draft of my PhD thesis — marking the end of my doctoral journey!

All good things must begin

When I started this blog, it was intended for me to dispel the metaphorical wall that had materialised in the midst of my thesis writing journey. It felt kind of counterintuitive to attempt to overcome writer’s block by creating another writing project, but I wanted a space for me to write freely without the constraint that was […]

Collective action is a life-changing experience

Image Credit: Joao Fereira This is another excellent piece from Zeynep Tufekci, answering the question as old as time itself: Do protests work? Protests sometimes look like failures in the short term, but much of the power of protests is in their long-term effects, on both the protesters themselves and the rest of society. […] Protests […]

Speaking into existence

It’s a long day today, but which fortunately (?) also meant a day filled with work-related stuff. I haven’t got the time to sit and write my thoughts down properly today, but in the event of Octavia Butler’s belated birthday I am reminded of this page in her notebook — her very own practice of […]

No more stifling rage

Leonard Suryajaya, Two Bodies (2017) In the past few days Malaysian Twitter, or Twitterjaya as we call it, were inundated with reports of rapes and assaults done by seemingly ‘respected’ men in the industry, organisations, and some among the very immediate circle of the people they have assaulted. It was heartbreaking to read the accounts […]

What, from the quarantine, do you want to retain?

As the cities have started to reopen, I have been thinking about the activities, the habits, and the values I want to retain from the quarantine. Strangely I am not at all overjoyed at the prospect of being able to go to visit friends again or reading at the cafe or going to work within […]

Custodian of tone

(It is a jumble of personal news today, nothing smart, nothing poignant. You can skip this post if you want.) I submitted my thesis corrections today. Was glad to get that out of the way for now. In the meantime, even if I do receive the Senate letter this year, we were informed that the […]

We cut our poems out of air

Today’s post is a prompt from Suleika Jaouad’s The Isolation Journal: Reflect on the first time you became aware of race — either yours or someone else’s. What meaning did you make of it then? How has that meaning evolved? As Malaysians, or my closest circle, are trying to unlearn and doing better on disposing of our […]

The only way to survive

Shellie Zhang, The Only Way to Survive (2019). via Something I Saw For some reasons, sleep has always eluded me, but it’s been harder to catch a wink particularly in the time of Covid, and… everything else. There are the protests in America following the death of George Floyd, a black man who pleaded that […]