Month: May 2020

May 2020

Every day I take a 1-second video using the app 1 Second Everyday to record what’s happening in my life. This is for May 2020, where I passed my thesis defense, and where we celebrated a much quieter, sombre Eid under the coronavirus lockdown.

Commonplace blog

I was today years old when I was introduced to the term ‘commonplace book‘, a concept I actually had been familiar with ever since I started journalling actively since 2009. I did not keep a journal the way a journal should be — if there was ever one accurate way to keep journals — in […]

To be fundamentally more invested in finding nourishment

Carolyn Lazard, CRIP TIME, 2018 Artist-provided visual description: A one-take video shot from an overhead view over the surface of a table. On an embroidered tablecloth is a 7-day weekly pill organizer separated into daily compartments. The labels on the organizer have been partially worn off through repeated use. A set of brown hands with gold […]

Panic! in the supermarket aisle

Niki de Saint Phalle, Photo de la Hon repeinte, 1979 One of my first corona vivid dreams involved finding myself in a crowded supermarket where almost no one wore masks and none had regards for the practice of social distancing. In the dream, I realised I had been asking myself, “This felt like a dream. Or […]

Suppose your side had won

Chiharu Shiota, A Room of Memorya, 2009 This week I learned that in about 55 days we were stuck at home quarantining, people 2000 years ago had taken the same length of time to travel from London to Constantinople by donkey and civilian boats in spring by the least amount of denarii possible. It was crazy how (surprise!) capitalism and […]

Words have weight

“I don’t feel like writing today!” I screamed into the void of my self-imposed consistency within my limited and deteriorating personal bandwidth that I have pretty much used up recklessly and without a care for my own health over the years. It is funny how I keep saying to my friends — it’s the pandemic, […]

Worry stone

The week after successfully defending my PhD thesis, my life fell into its normal routine — which is to say in this current global pandemic, still hadn’t secured a job, depleting financial savings, worried of my mother’s health and mine in this neverending purgatory, and ready to guard the house in a kebaya on Eid […]

The Earth vibrated less

In cities, the effect of billions of humans at standstill has become evident in the Earth’s crust. Movements from everyday human activity create countless tiny vibrations in the ground. Seismometers close to or inside urban areas have registered reductions in movement. (I want you to read this all the way before continuing with my post.) A few […]

What good shall I do with this knowledge now?

If it isn’t quite obvious from the picture above, I have passed my viva examination with minor corrections! While I understand having nerves would be natural in times like this, I was initially shitting hard, concrete, rigged bricks. My viva was scheduled to be on Friday morning and I have scheduled a practice with a […]

Viva week!

“Halloween in Harlem“, Amy Stein. Taking a break from writing non-work things this week as it is my PhD viva voce examination week! In the meantime, wash your hands, keep your social distance, stay home if you can, vow to fight fascism, and wish me luck! 🧿