Month: April 2020

April 2020

Every day I take a 1-second video using the app 1 Second Everyday to record what’s happening in my life. This is for April 2020, the month we lost the one with the unbridled talent, Ben Withers, as the lockdown was further enforced, and it was also the month where I received the news where […]

The tools at our disposal

Last few weeks, it was reported that Malaysian authorities had turned away a boat carrying about 200 Rohingyan refugees, including women and children that was said to enter the country ‘illegally’. The justification provided was that the country was in the midst of battling Covid-19, and by letting in foreigners, which includes these asylum seekers, […]

On thin places

Someone in my Twitter timeline today, of whose newsletter I am subscribed to, wailed, “I don’t want to send a newsletter today, I don’t feel like it!” and it was echoed by a number of other people, which I find both surreal and funny, of whose newsletters I am subscribed too as well. I wanted […]

No such thing as unpractical knowledge

It’s the first day of Ramadan and it’s the first time ever observed in a government-sanctioned coronavirus lockdown. Ramadan has always been a communal month for us Muslims, where we focus on praying jum’ah and doing more good and at the same time take part in joyous iftars together with family and friends, so I am slow […]

On affordances

Tape as pandemic cultural element Lately I have been thinking about the concept of affordances when I came across posts such as above and the many ways people use other things to function as face masks. As I am writing this, words appear on my computer monitor that was propped on top of three of my childhood hardcover […]

Words have power

I think it was during my tenure in a corporate company that I was first introduced to this phrase just as potent as how it sounds, “words have power.” It was when a manager was giving snide remarks to a couple of young executives in a meeting, to which another manager called her out in […]

Where do we go from here?

I attended an online webinar today organised by a career platform revolving around the topic of navigating your way within an uncertain job market, like, well, today. While watching it I was texting my friend H, and she asked if there is anything interesting coming out of the webinar. The answers were something I have […]

So now we wait

good morning to all who yearn I am currently reading Valeria Luiselli’s Lost Children Archive, a travelogue where a couple and their two children (the daughter hers, the boy his, “the us, the them, the our, the your — as soon as we started living together, when the boy was almost six and the girl still […]

Cordial man

The other day, Jason Kottke in his long-standing (specifically, for about 15 years now) blog asked people to share what they’ve been up to during the pandemic and how their families and communities are coping. He decided to share the overwhelming responses he received from all over the world within one page — which also reminded me that […]

Happy I didn’t sneeze

(This is only a series of things that happened and what I have observed and read since the last time I wrote. No further commentary and analysis.) A dear friend passed away peacefully in his sleep today. It’s my parents’ 39th anniversary today. Yesterday, literary critic, teacher, poet, and scholar of nineteenth- and twentieth-century American […]