The more things you’re interested in

Phoebe Waller-Bridge reciting the words "Panic, panic, hope" in subtitles.

Just some quick links today from things I have read and encountered because I am chasing the deadline! :

Ezra Klein on the problem with Facebook: “I don’t think the problem with Facebook is it allows lies. I think the problem is it sorts everything — both lies and truth — by engagement. The quickest paths to engagement are inspiration and offensiveness. And offensiveness has proven even easier than inspiration.”

Not sure if I have ever considered this, but: battery icons shape perceptions of time and space and define user identities. “One of the study’s respondents described the experience of watching their battery icon throughout the day: “Full would be ‘Yeah, ok great’, good to go for the day’; 50 per cent I’d be a bit ‘Oh God, I had better stop it from updating itself all the time in the background’ … then it would be at 30 per cent and I would be like: ‘Now I’m not having fun anymore’,” the respondent said.”

Rachel Syme on encountering good writing: “It’s relief. Relief that I am in good hands, relief that I can trust someone to make unexpected connections and take me all the way to the end, relief that I can sit back and enjoy it.”

One day I want to write about airport books — you know, the proliferation of books with profane words in the title for no good reason whatsoever, the amount of books with themes on wars, espionage, essentially ‘masculine’ topics, and whole loads of Jojo Moyes — but I am not sure where to begin. Are you in?

In 1863, Jules Verne predicted fax machines.

The more things you’re interested in, the better your work will be.”

This adorable grump.

In solidarity with my Lebanese friends in protesting over injustice.

A small challenge for the weekend: be at comfort with ambiguity.

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