Month: October 2019

A walking dictionary of joy

I have decided this is going to be my solely 2020 goal: Especially after stumbling into Zan Romanoff’s newsletter where she talks about the struggles of trying to discern how much you have achieved things in life and how much you want to achieve more, but still feel like you aren’t there yet (I believe […]

The clean-up crew

Quartz Obsession from five days ago brought to light a phenomenon women in leadership understand so very well. The newsletter, cheekily titled ‘the clean-up crew’ talks about the phenomenon of the glass cliff —the opposite of the glass ceiling (that invisible yet persistently difficult barrier between women and people of minorities and positions of power) […]

What to do with this knowledge?

Collagist/photographer/painter Lorna Simpson‘s work, Head on Ice #3, on the new edition of Angela Davis’ Women, Race & Class. (via Meanwhile) I handed in my thesis for my supervisor’s review last week, in which practically I have about two more stages to go before this doctoral journey of mine comes to an end. The manuscript, ready-bound […]

RCaaS (Regime Change as a Service)

It feels like 2011 all over again, in a sense that multiple protests across the world are taking place at the same time — Hong Kong, Lebanon, Chile, Spain, Iraq, Algeria, Ecuador, Indonesia, and many more — an embodiment of the term informational cascade, where one protest will inspire another and more. At the same […]

How to raise a superhero

I just finished watching this Netflix series called Raising Dion, a story on a young superhero coming to terms with the fact that he inherited some superpowers from his dad. Dion, an 8-year-old boy, lives with his mum, Nicole, after his dad Mark (played by Michael B. Jordan!!!) drowned saving a woman in the middle […]

How you seek to be remembered

It turns out that my productivity hours often elude whichever timezone I am in, for I am always more productive and alert after 8 pm. This is no longer true. While working, my cats would linger around close to my desk and go about their businesses unbothered. Sometimes I would pick up the phone and […]

Because Internet

I am currently enjoying my current read, Gretchen McCulloch’s Because Internet, a delightful and compelling account of how our media landscape, with a focus on the Internet corpus — of course, given the eponymous title — changes how we communicate with each other. It answers one of the most puzzling question I have had this […]