Month: August 2019

This is how civilisations heal

I couldn’t decide whether to get Pachinko or A Gentleman in Moscow at the bookstore today, so I got both. Honestly, such a good problem to have. I started to read A Gentleman in Moscow the moment I got home, clutching my prized bounty. I’m only on page 49 so far, and it has been […]

Lists lists lists

Today that I learned that someone wrote a book specifically on my favourite thing ever: lists. The book is called The Checklist Manifesto, written by surgeon Atul Gawande. I believe he wrote the book after he helped develop WHO’s surgical safety checklist — a 19-item list over the course of three stages of surgery — […]

Screaming into the Internet void

Possibly one week into Instagram hiatus now. There definitely was the temptation to log in and just scroll endlessly into the night like before, but upon clicking on the icon app and was met with the sign-in page, I was reminded of my own personal promise to stay away from it as long as I […]

Allegro con brio

I was never a musician, and was never trained as a musician. Which is why when I heard about the word allegro con brio today, which means ‘at a fast tempo, and with spirit’ (literally, ‘with brilliance’) my heart swells. It is not because it is a foreign word, although I have an affinity to […]

Discarding the ephemerality

It’s my second day of my hiatus from Instagram today. It’s definitely too early to talk about what I have learned over my ‘digital detox’ — if I could call it that, because I still practically live on Twitter — but I have thought a lot about how Instagram Story have somehow rewired my photo […]

Give up the shit that weighs you down

Toni Morrison passed away today. Like many works of literary geniuses, I began to read her work fairly late in life. I began with Song of Solomon, where I stumbled upon my most ever favourite quote of hers: “You wanna fly, you got to give up the shit that weighs you down.” It has always […]


I made a decision to log out of my Instagram account, uninstall the app, and go on indefinite hiatus today. There are two reasons mainly. One, is that I decide to place myself within some personal crunchtime towards submitting my thesis in all its entirety. I am happy that this is going well so far, […]

Whale of a time

It was Herman Melville’s 200th birthday yesterday. It transported me back to my teen days, when my school hours would last from morning till about 2 pm. My mother taught in another school next to mine, and her session did not finish till 4 pm as she had to stay back to do some administration […]