Month: March 2019

Meritocracy does not exist

A friend in her late 20s today tweeted something along these lines, “A friend from school is on the way to having her third kid. While I get the idea that success comes in different forms for everyone and everyone moves at their own pace, I admit I do feel a bit left out. How […]

On having to face multiple hegemonies

Last week, I read a journal article by Southeast Asian historian Syed Muhd Khairudin Aljunied on a radical women movement in my country called AWAS and this sentence is still etched in my mind four days after reading it: It is now a truism to argue that colonialism was, in essence, a masculinist enterprise supported […]

More time creating art?

Busy day again! And it looks like it is about to be this hectic everyday until mid-April until I submit my first three chapters to my advisor as promised. Sharing some reads from the past few days here. On trying to talk openly about financial insecurity, in a world where talking openly about financial insecurity […]

Planetary mesh of attention

I have written close to 4500 words today for the second chapter of my thesis. While a lot of them are a bunch of muddled words so far, constructed out of rough notes without any proper citation at the moment, I am so happy to be able to finally sit down and give some shape […]

Journal club

If there is one thing you should learn about me today, is that: I have always loved the idea of learning by teaching, although by default I have never taught as a profession. Having discovered the Feynman Technique, my friends and I decided to embark on a spin-off on this technique during our MA Design […]

Exercise that kindness muscle

Woke up to the terror attack news in New Zealand. Almost Pavlovian, my brain got into its usual analytical mode. I began to scan my Twitter timeline for updates and development — my brain in its full force digesting and critically digesting every part of news — the growing cycle of hatred, the rise of […]

Pleasant nonsense

I am signing off early from my data analysis session today because I feel like I’m on the brink of a burnout — which is, as you guess, not going to be good at all. I plan to get up early tomorrow and work from a cafe. A change in scenery is good sometimes. I […]

Are you internalising capitalism?

I have been feeling completely useless on both personal and professional level these days. Granted I am having progress on my thesis, but I have also been struggling to find a part-time job — one that not only could support myself financially while I am pursuing my Ph.D., but also at the same time would […]