Month: February 2019

The Weight of Our Sky

Di mana bumi dipijak, di situ langit dijunjung. Have you heard this before? It means where we plant our feet is where we must hold up the sky. We live and die by the rules of the land we live in. But this country belongs to all of us! We must make our own sky, and we must hold it up — together.

Everyday empathy

I seldom check out Medium’s daily digest sent to my inbox, but today I am somehow directed to Mule Design co-founder Erica Hall’s excellent post on working within a team and yet not fully understanding what each other do in their roles and capacity, and how to break that barrier by exercising everyday empathy.

If this isn’t nice

In this week itself, I spent two separate occasions with my nephews and nieces. Over the weekend, I decided to surprise my niece by attending her kindergarten sports day. I arrived right when she was in the midst of a ​relay race of some sort. Upon seeing me, she ran towards me while screaming my […]

Borders are not innocent

It’s Chinese New Year tomorrow! My head had been buzzing from all the social network analysis I had been doing today, so I decided to call it a day. I have come across some wonderful anecdotes here and there for the past two days but had been struggling to piece them up together for a […]