Month: February 2019

Pocket friends in a bin fire

I think it was about two to three weeks ago that I got overwhelmed with all the news and information on Twitter — on top of that people were fighting over something (as they always are) that I signed off Twitter by tweeting (how ironic) “Ok hell site, good night” and only reappeared about three […]

Time to panic

It’s hot these days, and I am not talking about someone being a legit snack. I am talking about the literal heatwave in this part of the world that has become increasingly unbearable these days. A friend and I had been complaining, and it was not long until our conversation took a dark turn into […]

What to say when you don’t know what to say

I have been an avid follower of the author and artist Austin Kleon for quite a while now, and often look forward to his series of weekly newsletters. I was not always too fond of newsletters where content is linked back to their own blogs, but for Austin I made an exception, as he shares […]

Blog all your dog-eared pages

I just finished reading this novelette called A Dead Djinn in Cairo by Afro-Carribean-American speculative fiction writer, P. Djeli Clark. A detective story with a female lead (with some hints of alternate gender/sexuality) set in steampunk fantasy / magical realist Cairo where djinns, angels, and ghouls roam freely, mentions of alchemy and magic that could […]

Social vs system trust

I decided to tune to Financial Times Tech Tonic podcast just now as I was plowing through some data cleaning — an entirely mundane process that involves lots of spreadsheeting and copying and pasting — and figured I should be listening to some serious, adult business things. (Not humblebragging, I am seriously having problems trying […]

School of Twitter

This weekend, I realised that despite not doing something related to work, the things I enjoy had always been screen-based — Kindle, Netflix, video games etc. I have been thinking about reducing the time I spend online, and in order to do that, I figured I should question myself why I am on a particular […]

On common language, the Internet, and donuts

Somehow two years ago I surprised myself for spurting out the word ‘Esperanto’ to an interviewer to refer to the situation of having a common understanding when conducting a user experience-based project. Essentially, no matter how complicated the project is to a layperson, everyone in the team developing the product must make it as easy […]

Learn from your weak ties

I have been doing some critical reading on the subject of the strength of weak ties, a theory developed by sociologist Mark Granovetter. According to Granovetter, your interpersonal ties in your social networks are divided into two — strong and weak. Your strong ties are made up of your close friends and families, while weak […]


Very sad today to hear that if there would be no response in today’s final attempt from NASA to make contact with the Opportunity Rover, then the mission is likely to be called to its end. The Rovers (Curiosity, Opportunity and Spirit) had been my sporadic fascination of mine and had always cropped up randomly […]