Month: May 2018

Unlearning own rules

It’s been months since I last read this, but I couldn’t stop thinking of the word ‘mental gear’ used in this article written by Arrival’s scriptwriter, Eric Heisserer: To acclimate myself, I socialized with linguists and physicists. I spent time around brilliant minds to hear how they talked to each other. And whether they were […]

The plague of blank ballots

In case you didn’t know, I had a little newsletter on related themes on books I have read, so you might want to consider adding them to your shelves too. Hence, Prepare Your Shelves. People thought it’s a clever name, but I initially thought of Shelve Awareness which is much cleverer but it was already taken. […]

How to say no

I have never thought that one day that Twitter will practically be my one-stop centre for news, articles, gossips and whatnot (although we need to mindful of fake news, echo chamber, and homophily)  — but here I am finding this very useful diagram from @APottergard on things to consider before saying ‘yes’ to a project. I […]