Month: January 2018

“Do I know how to make one?”

Tea: My girl Ursula K. Le Guin (RIP)’s rant on ‘technology’ after an Argentinian reviewer asserted that she isn’t a ‘hard’ science writer: Technology is the active human interface with the material world. But the word is consistently misused to mean only the enormously complex and specialised technologies of the past few decades, supported by […]

Anthropology of social media

I’m in the middle of this online course called Why We Post : The Anthropology of Social Media. The course is constructed based on a 15-month ethnographic work in fieldsites such as Brazil, Chile, industrial and rural China, England, Italy, Trinidad and Turkey. What’s super interesting about the course is that it does not only explore […]

Brilliant, metallic hue

There’s a growing movement on turning phone screens to greyscale in an effort to break smartphone addiction. Companies use colors to encourage subconscious decisions, Mr. Ramsoy said. (So that, for example, I may want to open email, but I’ll end up on Instagram, having seen its colorful button.) Making the phone gray eliminates that manipulation. […]

Order requires effort

Been thinking a lot about mediocrity and stagnation these past few days — especially after the Visit Malaysia 2020 logo fiasco  — which seems to be a biennial event ? It seems that stagnation and disorderly would come in play the moment we let our attention slip (reminder: write about attention as economy). Murphy’s Law says so, “Anything […]