Month: September 2017

Humour as protest strategy

Brilliant read on laughtivism – on humour as protest & counter-protest strategies from NYTimes. Using the case of counter-protest against white supremacist march in Knoxville, Tennesee in 2007 using word jumbles (“White power? White flour! Wife power! Tight shower!”), it lists down some basic yet effective strategies to counter bigotry and racial supremacy using humour, […]

Syntopical reading

If there is one thing you plan to read this week, but have not thought of any, why not give this one a chance: Why you should ‘read’ a product like a book There are four types of reading: elementary, inspectional, analytical and the highest level, syntopical. All of us basically move between Elementary and […]

Another lens

It’s a short one this time, but love this kind of projects. Good research, simple execution, yet it conveys the message. Here’s also another one from Airbnb: a research kit for conscientious creatives on how our biases influence our worldview.

Against the algorithmic overlords

Picked up O’Neil’s book earlier this year, and it was brilliant. You should too. It was a quick read, but after reading you will be searching for hours (or like me, months — possibly, years?) on the potentials of big data, AI and their impacts on ethics. Anyway, a 4-step approach for those in data […]

The civil contract of photography

Last month or so, I came across this thought-provoking review of a book called The Civil Contract of Photography by Ariella Azoulay, a curator, filmmaker, and professor at Brown, on viewing suffering in photographs, and it’s not only empathy we should be after, it’s action. Azoulay, a curator, filmmaker, and professor at Brown, is not interested […]

Within islands

Came across this gem of a picture today from Malaysia Design Archive: Selamat Hari Raya Haji from team Malaysia Design Archive. This 1951 photo from the National Archives of Singapore shows pilgrims on the hajj on board a ship that would’ve gathered passengers from all over the nusantara and departed for the holy land from […]